On Mission in the Mission!

Today was day one of the Reality San Francisco prayer tour.  The idea behind the tour is to pray on site with insight as we near the birth of Reality San Francisco on Sunday January 10th.  Our main goal today was to get the lay of the land so that we can be effective tomorrow and Saturday.  You can’t help but notice the prevalence of smoke shops and liquor stores in the Mission District.  There seams to be a few on every block.  There is definitely a pervasive spirit of substance dependency over the area. What was encouraging however was the surprising number of churches in the area as well. Although most seem to be fairly run down, their mere presence lifted our spirits.  The two guys I was with and I made it a point to lift up each church that we came across in prayer as well as a middle school and then the district as a whole from the hill top in the park that seems to be a hub for the area. The nations are definitely present here with immigrants from many different countries crammed into a fairly small area. Pray that they Lord would continue to go before us tomorrow as we venture further into the city with a more decisive purpose.

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