Reality San Francisco Prayer Tour Day Two

Today was day two of the Reality San Francisco prayer tour and man was it awesome!  The two areas that my group covered were Russian Hill to North Beach, and Japan Town to Marina. Throughout both districts the Lord really placed it on our hearts to pray for the children and for the family unit in those areas.  Families are so important to God and they do so much to change the dynamic of an area. Families bring a certain moral structure that helps to curb the anything goes playground mentality of the city.

The highlight of my day was Robin.  Robin is a middle-aged woman who actually struck up a conversation with us in front of a bookstore.  That conversation very quickly led to where we were from and what our purpose was here in the city. We told Robin about the church plant and about the service on Sunday.  As she was getting ready to leave we asked if we could pray for her and she said ok!  It was pretty short and sweet but by the time we were done she was crying.  It is so amazing how the Holy Spirit will lead you in exactly how you should pray.  As she was leaving, Robin commented on how kind and caring we all seemed and then promised to stop by the first service on Sunday.  Please pray that she shows up!

The Spirit also led us to a Thai massage parlor.  San Francisco is a hub for human trafficking for the sex trade and there are more than a few government documented parlors in town that are more than willing to provides such services for an additional fee.  Pray that such places will be shut down and pray for men and woman to be elected to public office who are willing to take action against such establishments.

The evening session was amazing.  Pastor Tim Chaddick from Reality LA spoke on the unity of the body.  After the message there was an amazing time of prayer focused on refreshing and refilling us all as battling throughout the city had taken a noticeable toll on most.

Please pray for continued protection both physically, mentally, and most important spiritually for all who are on the trip.  I know that quite a few, including myself, have been under serious attack throughout the day today and I suspect that won’t be letting up any time soon.  Also pray for more divine appointments that lead to people attending Sunday’s service!

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