Reality San Francisco’s First Service!

January 13, 2010

General Musings, Prayer, The Church

Sunday was the first service at Reality San Francisco and it was amazing!  Jesus showed up in a big way and so did the community.  The goal during this prayer tour and previous prayer tours was never to canvas the city handing out fliers to try and get people to attend.  The idea was to pray through the city, do a little spiritual warfare, tear down some strongholds, confront some idols, and let the Lord do the rest.  Because of this we really had no idea what the turnout would be when the service started at 11:00 AM.  We got to the church early for some pre service prayer and as that was wrapping up Pastor Tim Chaddick from Reality LA asked for 100 volunteers to go pray down in the basement during the service.  The idea was that we didn’t want to overwhelm people as they came in the door and we also wanted to free up seats for the community first.  After the service started, groups from the basement were supposed to be called up to fill the remaining seats.  As we began to intercede for the city of San Francisco worship music began in the sanctuary.  It wasn’t too long until someone came down and tapped the first group of intercessors on the shoulder.  However, instead of bringing them upstairs, the messenger to them that he needed their chairs!  The sanctuary was full and people were still coming in! chairs were brought up to fill all available space and there were still people that ended up having to stand in the back!  None of us every made it upstairs but we didn’t mind.  Prayer was amazing in the basement and towards the end we got a live feed of the service from someone’s laptop so we were able to worship for the last set.  It was the juiciest worship session ever!  Everything about it was amazing.  To top it all off, Reality San Francisco is located in the Castro district which is known to be heavily homosexual which makes such a turnout unbelievable!  It was all the Lord for sure.  Continue to pray for Dave and Ashley Lomas.  Now that all of us are gone and they are up there alone, they need to feel the closeness of the Lord more than ever.  Pray for another packed Sunday this week!


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