Social Media…it’s from the devil…right?

It seems to me that the Church has always had a tenuous relationship with technology. Now this is obviously an overly broad statement. The response of an individual church to technology can run the gamut from abhorrence to adoration depending on the leadership and the congregation. For the most part though, the Church universal is slow to change. We have seen this time and time again as things like sound amplification devices, radio, and video were initially vilified by the Church and then later broadly accepted as legitimate tools for ministry.

The newest combatant in the battle between the Church and technology is social media with most of the discussion centered around Facebook. A prime example of this battle is the New Jersey pastor who mandated that the 50 married church leaders of his congregation delete their Facebook profiles or step down from their positions, claiming that Facebook leads to infidelity. The problem is that this argument focuses on the evil of the tool instead of the wickedness in the heart of the user.

Our hearts are exceedingly wicked. Who can know them (Jeremiah 17:9)? By focusing all of our attention on inanimate objects like computers and tools like Facebook, we effectively escape having to address the more personal issue of the condition of our hearts. Jesus said:

“For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness. All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man.” –Mark 7:21-23

This is a heart issue, not a Facebook issue. That may mean that there are those who because of their own proclivities toward sin shouldn’t provide for themselves an outlet like Facebook. That is an issue that needs to be addressed individually before the Lord in prayer, not declared from the pulpit.

Demonizing technology robs the Church of an avenue into current culture that can be used for ministry. Make no mistake; we are called to be involved in culture. Jesus clarified this in His high priestly prayer to the Father. “I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one” (John 17:15). Clearly the will of God does not include the Church withdrawing from the secular world. To rightly engage however we need to constantly be returning to a place of reliance upon the Father to faithfully fill us daily with the Holy Spirit.

Before I wrap this up I would like to share a message that I received yesterday though Facebook.

Hey Brandon,

I know you don’t really know me, and that’s okay. But I wanted to tell you that in the last 6 months I have and am really struggling in my faith. Every time I feel lost, you post the right thing on here. I realize it probably sounds silly, but for your simple quotes and Scripture verses, no amount of gratitude can express how thankful I am. God has an interesting way of working through people and although you may not even realize how God is working through you, He is. J I hope you have a wonderful day Brandon.

Wow. There is no greater honor than to be used by God. I will be blessed by that message no matter how many times I read it.

So I have to pose the question: For the Christian, do the benefits of social media outweigh the risks? How can the Christian rightly approach social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter?

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5 Comments on “Social Media…it’s from the devil…right?”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Right on Brandon! To answer your question, I think that Christians can/should use Facebook as an avenue to witness and boldly proclaim the Word of God.
    I could have easily sent you the message above 10 months ago, as I’ve told you before that your posting always pointed to the Lord when I was not facing Him. You have inspired me to be more bold in my posts, in the hope that I would pay forward what you did for me in my time of darkness. I think the benefits of social media far outweigh the risks, as long as we are purposeful with what we declare to our social circles. We should view our hundreds of friends as disciples, because way more people read what we post than we will ever know. I say at least 2% respond to what they read with a “like” or a comment.
    So lets all be more bold and purposeful with what we post. Lets point everybody to the Cross! This is our best platform, more than any other one I can think of. Where else, other than the pulpit, can you reach this many unbelievers?
    Lord, use Facebook to spread your Word like wildfire.


    • Lazo Says:

      “We should view our hundreds of friends as disciples, because way more people read what we post than we will ever know”

      I like that.


  2. theATTIC Says:

    Incredible truth here, Brandon! I will be following you now, for sure!

    Do you mind if I share this blog with my Facebook family?



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