Book Review: Spectacular Sins and their global purpose in the glory of Christ

June 24, 2011

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If God is real, why does he allow sin? Where was He during the Holocaust? How come He isn’t doing anything about the genocide in Darfur? Common questions and legitimate concerns. Though these travasties are not directly addressed in this book, by looking at specific examples of spectacular sins in Scripture, John Piper shows the enormity of the scope of the sovereignty of God over sin. Piper describes his motivation in writing Spectacular Sins in the last chapter as follows:

“My prayer is that as these great historical vistas of God’s sovereignty over sin take their place in your mind, they would have a profoundly practical effect in making you strong in the face of breath-stopping sorrows and making you bold for Christ in the face of dangerous opposition.”

At 110 pages Spectacular Sins is a quick read undergirding the sovereignty of God over all sin. Beginning with the fall of Satan and culminating with the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus, Piper stops along the way to address the sins of Adam and Eve in the garden, humanity at the Tower of Babel, and the sale of Joseph into slavery at the hands of his brothers. In each of these instances we see that the sovereignty of God is not simply reactionary to sin (acting after the fact to cause some good to come out of a bad situation), but is in fact preemptive. In His foreknowledge God allows specific sins to take place for the expressed purpose of bringing about a unique outcome to the glory of Christ.

It is important for us to be reminded of the absolute sovereignty of God. Only a correct view of His authority over sin is able to comfort our hearts, give strength to our convictions, and increase our faith in His love in the face of the spectacular sins of our time.

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