Gospel Fluency

The Gospel by nature is news. Good news proclaiming freedom to captives and life to those who are perishing. As Christians we are ambassadors of Christ, charged with proclaiming the good news of the gospel to a lost and dying world.

In order to rightly articulate the gospel, it is important for us to explain it in both diachronic and synchronic fashion. A diachronic approach to the gospel focuses mainly on the details. One could think of it as gospel bullet points progressing from:

God -> Man -> Sin -> Salvation.

There is a holy God. He created man. Man sinned against God. Sinful humanity is in need of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Although this is all true, a gospel presentation that relies only on this leaves the recipient feeling attacked. At its worst, this type of gospel presentation turns into the “You are a sinner destined to burn in hell unless you repent and turn to Jesus!” approach. When presenting the gospel to an unbeliever it is important to remember that it is the kindness of God, not the fear of his wrath, that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4).

A synchronic approach to the gospel focuses on the overall redemptive story instead of on the bullet point details. It paints the gospel in broader strokes progressing from:

Creation -> Fall -> Redemption -> Restoration.

God created man in his image. Because of the fall, the image of God in man has been marred and man was separated from God. For this reason God sent his Son to redeem fallen humanity and restore all of creation to right relationship with its Creator. Although this is also a true representation of the gospel, presenting it in a strictly synchronic fashion downplays the justice of God and undermines his holiness. Taken to an extreme, a purely synchronic approach to the gospel leads to a potential elimination of hell and the creation of a god who is all loving but defanged, questionably holy, and impotent in regards to justly dealing with sin. Focusing on one view of the gospel to the exclusion of the other leads to a gospel presentation that is either combative, or lacking in justice.

When the gospel is presented as an amalgamation of the diachronic and synchronic perspectives, the result is gospel breakthrough. At the fall, man was separated from the holy God of all creation by sin. In His love, God chose to redeem fallen humanity by sending his Son to die on the cross and bare the full weight of His wrath towards sin. Because Jesus paid the price for our sin on the cross, through faith in him we become justified in the eyes of God, our salvation is secured, and we are restored to intimate relationship with our heavenly Father.  Only when these two methods of gospel communication are combined are we able to rightly present God as being both just and the justifier (Romans 3:26). The love story of the gospel, which began before the foundations of the world (Revelation 13:8), can only be rightly understood through the culmination of God’s love for us displayed through Christ’s death on the cross (1 John 4:10).

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  1. Lazo Says:

    Love this man. Beautiful balance to the tension.


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